Winemaker notes

Realé Napa Reserve Meritage is beautifully balanced with ripe
plum, blackberry, and mocha avors with silky and integrated tannins
that extend through a long nish. While very approachable now, this
beautifully balanced wine has the structure and concentration that will
be rewarded with another ve to eight years of cellering.

2011 Vintage Recap from the Napa Valley Vintners

A wet winter and spring that continued with rainfall into mid-June, bloom and fruit set were delayed in parts of
the region, setting the stage for a long, cooler-than-average growing season. e precipitation measuring season
ending on June 30 found the region more than a third above normal in rainfall. While this is good news for
water resources, the cloud cover and cool temperatures delayed vine development by several weeks at the onset
of the growing season.
is timetable continued through the somewhat cool summer season that led to the latest harvest start in
anyone’s memory, beginning August 29. Few high heat events occurred at any point this year, but growers
managed more open vine canopies to ensure sunlight, warmth and good air circulation around the grape
After a consistently cool summer season, signicant mid-October rain pushed the vintage even later. But growers
were rewarded with weeks of fantastic weather, a prolonged Indian summer that provided needed ripening
e commitment to quality runs so deep and strong in this valley that systems for eective sorting were already
set-up, both in the eld and at the wineries. While quantity was low, the fruit this year will make for wellbalanced
wines with good intensity, structure and texture with a brightness of avor.