Private Labels

Creating your own brand identity 


Grand Napa Vineyards has many levels of wine at many different prices. Many of our customers in Asia have come to our facilities and want our high quality wines with their own brand names.
This had been a very successful program for our customers as they benefit from our top quality wines and our very low pricing due to our high volume.

We have solutions for every retail private label need:

  • Full California varietal selections
  • All napa sub ava’s avelible
  • Customize wine profiles Complete in house brand design avelible
  • 2/3 weeks lable design or/and lable printing
  • Blending, filtering and bottling one week

  • Shipping available immediately
  • Expert handling and shipping of wine assistance
  • All export documentation available within 4 days of shipping if applicable
  • Chinese custom services available upon request